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I am guilty of pigging out again. I just could not resist fried chicken with Somi Tam. Som Tam is one of the specialties of Thai cuisine. It is so delicious it’s hard to say “no” when it’s right infront of you. Mouth-watering. That’s the exact term, and I am not exaggerating! :)

I have really fallen in love with Thai food and I guess it’s one thing that’s hard to undo, especially when you are in Thailand! I am just wondering what’s the secret of those skinny Thai girls? Like they eat a lot and they do not get to be fat. Hmm, life can be unfair sometimes, isn’t it? LOL. I wonder if they are taking lipozene diet pill? Or is it me that needs it actually? Haha.. let’s see.

I am trying my best not to eat so much nowadays, but when it comes to Som Tam with fried chicken, I just pig out. Guilty, I am! :)


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