Sweet Saturday: Handy Joey

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It’s still Wednesday and I am quite early for my SS entry.  Not so excited? Haha.. Before anything else, I would like to share a story about a conversation I had with my mom when I was about 4 or 5.  Believe it or not, I remember it as if it just happened yesterday!  So here is our interesting conversation:

Me:  Ma, when I grow up I would like to marry someone named “Boy”.

Now, that is my father’s nickname.  I remember my mother’s look of surprise.

Mama:  Why would you like to marry someone by that name?

Me:  Because I like to marry a man like papa.  He fixes doors, sinks, wires, and even machines!

Mama:  A person’s name has nothing to do with what he can do. Your father is very handy, but not men with that name has that ability.

End of story.  Bow.  LOL.

When I married Joey, I never thought he would be handy.  He graduated with a degree as a teacher, and I have never seen him fix anything at all.  Not during the first years of our marriage, at least.  But seeing my father being so handy, he was somehow encouraged.  There was a time that he helped my father with welding and fixing machines.  It was not his first love, I can tell… but looking back at it now, he says that he got the influence from my father.  Now Joey fixes electric fans, doors, and many other things. He is after all, handy! Yay!  He does not share my father’s nickname though– but for sure he is a boy! LOL. ;)

About a month ago, our friends told us that they were buying a new washing machine, because theirs is making some strange noise and part of the machine has been constantly exposed to water, has rusted and eventually the rust ate out a huge portion of the steel.  The washing machine cannot stand in an upright position so it has to be held when one does washing.  It is an automatic washing machine, but it can’t be left to do laundry on its own!  That’s a shame, right? Automatic washing machines are designed to  be left behind, do the washing– freeing you to do some other things.

Anyways, to make the long story short, our friends told us that if we could do something about the machine, it will be given to us!  To be very honest, I was not sure if Joey could fix it or not.  It seemed a huge thing to do.

So Joey looked for some metal sheets, and clickity-clang.. he hammered away…

A tiny piece of metal and lots of tape tied around the machine,lots of grinding, sanding, bending, melting some plastic, and lots and lots of skill and patience….. voila!  Up stood the washing machine!

Except for that problem, everything else about the washing machine has no problem at all!
Woot! Horray, Joey!  Now doing laundry has never been this fun!  I felt sorry I underestimated Joey’s ability to fix this.  I just left him there, working for hours and never even took a photo! But this finished product sure will convince you how skilled my “boy”– my handy Joey is! I am glad I married him.  A 4-year old’s dream come true? You bet.  That, of course are just add-ons.  There are still so many things I admire about my man.

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