Choosing the best university

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Nowadays, everything is highly publicized, even universities. Universities can hire popular people to promote their schools, attracting many young people to enroll in their institutions. Perhaps the best gauge as to whether or not a certain university has excellent standards is by looking at their graduates.  Have they landed in good jobs?  Made an impact to the society?

Top Thinkers from College
This graphic tells us a lot about where the smartest people in history, from all over the world earned their degrees at.
Perhaps the best thing about getting a degree at universities now is that we can have access to the world’s best universities through online studies.  This same opportunity would give stay-at-home moms like me an opportunity to get the dream degree I have always wanted– and study without having to travel far or give up so many things!  I could even earn a
MFA Degree and become one of these smart thinkers!

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