A year of travels

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I really wish this year could be a year of travels for our family.  For now we really don’t have the budget to go on  a holiday anywhere outside Bangkok because we are saving up for our house transfer by the end of next month.

But who knows, right?  Sometimes trips and travels just come as surprises.  We have experienced that so many times so I guess it’s still safe to at least think about it– and if possible, get excited!

So where do I want to go?  Our family back home wants us to be there for a summer break, but that is not yet confirmed.  I would be happy to just go to a beach summer down south if that’s all we could afford.  When I think of trips down south I can’t help but wish there are RVs for rent here in Thailand.

For now it’s not that popular, but I am sure it will be in no time. It ‘s also important that they would have motor home repairs because engine troubles could happen anytime while on the road.

Ok, I will just brace myself for this so-called year of travels. Well, let’s just see at the end of the year if our wishes did come true! :)

@credits to google for the photo


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