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Happiness #2: Dancing with the hubbs

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One random night while the hubbs and I were having coffee while the kids were playing games at the computer, I just said, “Let’s dance!”

Ria (our daughter) played “Forevermore” on youtube.

...and so the slowdancing began.

Hubby being so silly closing his eyes. LOL! :)

Ok, I'm supposed to turn.. LOL!

Now his turn!

And a hug...

Joey and I just celebrated our 11th Anniversary– our marriage is far from perfect. Sometimes I think we are so different it’s impossible to get along with him, but always we are taken back to the time where we pledged our vows to each other. In good times and in bad, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, ’til death do us part.  I am so happy that by God’s grace, both of us had been true to our vows over the years.

Cheers to more years of serving the Lord, surmounting every challenge and just loving each other in the coming years.

Yep, yep, yep! Happiness is Dancing with the hubbs, alright…

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Sweet Satufday: New deed

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Who would not want to do good deeds?  In my heart I have so many things in mind for this year.  If I have to start this year right, I want to spend more time with my Bible reading and prayer.  I have bought a new journal for my Bible insights but I just get tempted to facebook or blog so much that at the end of the day, I find myself spending more time on these things rather than investing more time on prayer and reading the Word.

I need to be more disciplined with my time management.  I am even thinking of taking a break on facebook.  It does not have to be long… My family and church supporters communicate with us through fb so it’s quite hard to really have an “fb” fast.  I would probably just set a timer and time myself so I don’t spend so much time on it.

Hubby and I want to pray together more.  This is another year of our faith journey.  We need God’s grace and strength more than ever before!




Working from home

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Indeed, technology has not stopped surprising us in the last two decades.  With the internet, the world has not only become smaller– it has made things a lot easier and faster for us, too.  

Even the unemployment problem in many countries, especially in the third world has been helped because now, people can actually work from home.  There are actually pros and cons in working or doing business at home.  For one, a person who does not have to report to an office can maximize his time.  For family people, they don’t have to be away from their families the whole day for a regular job.  On top of that, people who work at home can be the boss of their own time.  Once they have finished their online  tasks, they could take a day off or two, or even a weeklong vacation if needed.   These days, it would not  be surprising that one could work for a boss who is on the other side of the globe– and would have workmates they have never met in person.  The wonders of technology is amazing!

So many people even have work online while still on a full time job. That way, they increase their earnings and could get good credit score from banks and companies that give out loans.  Exactly how does one determine his credit score?  There are actually sites that offer free credit scores for those who are interested.  It would always be wise to weigh out options before getting into a credit situation, so this is such a helpful site.

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