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Sweet Saturday #8: Chopsuey

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Hubby loves it when I cook veggie dishes. Because we always eat veggies, the kids don’t have trouble eating them as well. When I see kids wanting to throw up when they eat vegetables, I question their parents. While it’s true that kids generally like processed foods, eating veggies should be a must! Agree? :)

I am  was not a very good cook before I got married.  But I had to force myself to learn new recipes, learn from other people, and I guess I am just blessed with a hubby that praises my amateur cooking skills until I finally got the hang of it.  So now, after 10 years, I cannot say I am the best cook, but I have gone far in my cooking skills.


My chopsuey brings a smile on my hubby’s face… and it does fill his happy tummy!

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Sweet Saturday: Hubby’s comfort food

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Like I said in my previous post, hubby is not a picky eater. But of course like anyone else, there are foods that really bring joy to him and his tummy-tum! He particularly loves Pinakbet and Kinilaw.

Pinakbet is mainly an Ilocano delicacy.  Joey’s mom is an Ilocana and so they grew up eating veggies grown in their backyard.

Kinilaw is raw fish soaked in vinegar and lots of spices.  I guess hubby is just missing these two dishes now that we are in Thailand.  We have yet to explore what kind of vinegar is good to use for Kinilaw.  Sigh. These are some of the sacrifices we have to have being away from home.

*credits to google for the photos.

now for the FREE PLAY!

I’d like to share some photos taken in Chiangmai, North Thailand.  The kids were home in the Philippines with my parents because we had to attend this very important training for 6 weeks.  It was a time of bonding and just learning together– we missed the kids, but it was like a second honeymoon for us. ;)

Trying to Take a “high jump” together!

Haha!! Look at me! I am so trying hard!  (weight problems? LOL)

Ok here’s another set of fun photos.  Joey was supposed to catch me!

Me:  Can you really?

Joey:  It’s not really that high. Don’t worry if I can’t- Haha! :)

Here I come!


Hahaha! I just remember laughing helplessly.

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Sweet Saturday: Not his taste

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Just like Jona, I really did hands on cooking when I got married. The good thing about hubby is that he eats anything. As in he does not have any allergy to any kind of food, and he is just one happy eater.

He feasts at my experiments, and he cooks when I am unable to! Ain’t it a blessing? Before writing this post, I actually tried to remember a dish that I cooked that he did not like but I could not think of any.

I had to ask him and after a few minutes of thinking, he could not think of any, too! Just in case you are thinking I am such a good cook, I am actually not. I am just blessed with a hubby that’s not a picky eater, that’s all!

Happy wifey I am! ;)


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