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Enjoying a “Me” Time

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With our busy schedules, it’s sometimes difficult to have a fixed “me” time. I am really hoping that we could find a house and transfer there ASAP so that our daily schedules would be more stable.

I don’t know what’s your idea about a “me” time but if I were to have a chance, I would go someplace where I could enjoy a peaceful time with a book or just listen to music. If I would stay in a place for a vacation alone, I’d probably bring Numark to fully enjoy my music.

I really wonder when I could ever have a “me” time– and where!


Unexpected vacation!

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I know. Vacations are supposed to be planned, right? But what if someone sponsors your family to a two-day get away for free? That is what happened to us. Like right now I am writing this post in this beautiful room:

Yes, believe it or not, we are holidaying! This hotel is really nice– it is located at the heart of Bangkok and yet we find it to be restful to be here. We enjoyed the pool this morning and the kids are just having a good time. I was actually dreaming of going to a vacation. If I am not mistaken, I even mentioned it in one of my posts here. I thought we were not having one at least in the next two or three months but here we are! :)

I really love the furniture and their choice of colors for the sheets and pillow cases. We have blue while the kids’ room has tangerine. Each room has a standing mirror and wide screen tv. Marriott Empire Place is really ideal for a family get away like this and I am so grateful to be here!

Planning a holiday soon? Or maybe like me, it will just come before you even plan about it! Exciting? You bet!


Hit the beach!

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No, I am not hitting the beach soon.  No plans and budget  for that yet… not in the next two months at least.  But I am sooo wanting to go to the beach again.  I love to watch the sunset and not having to go through another busy day.

These are some photos I took during our last beach escapade with special friends.  It would have been fun if we had Lightweight Backpacking Tents, but we have already booked a room weeks before we actually went to the resort. I have seen some people pitching tents on the beach, and it looked fun! I am sure the kids would enjoy a night in a tent, in one of the beautiful islands of Thailand!

@Photos were taken at the Mountain Beach Resort, Koh Lipe, South Thailand.