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Bloggers’ Eyeball in Bangkok!

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L-R: Me, Cheerful and Lalaine

Finally, I was able to meet Cheerful here in Bangkok.  During the PMC secret group days, she sent me a private message in facebook saying that her family is moving to Bangkok from Cambodia.  We exchanged notes, became fb friends– she being the top likers of my statuses and I also like her posts about her getting to know the city, her son going to school, their trips, etc.

Our meetup was always postponed because she lives in downtown Bangkok while we are based in the Eastern part of the city.  If we have to plan a trip downtown, we have to be prepared to be there for the whole day because of the traffic.

When Lalaine and her family were coming to Bangkok for 4 days, they informed us that they were staying at a hotel in Soi (Street) 20– and that’s where Cheerful is staying, too!  Not in the same hotel, but in the same street! How cool is that?

So we had this– Pinay Mommy Community Eyeball in Bangkok!

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