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The kids and I had fun at the park one cool afternoon.  Fun times need not be that expensive!

Ria enjoying her time…

Roi’s imagination wandered off to Pirate land…

And just playing with bunnies on the ground! This park does not have much commercial playground equipment, but it was ok. We had a great time just hanging around enjoying the cool afternoon breeze and some food we bought from the stalls.

We are trying our best to have a family time at least once a week, where we could just have fun as a family be it in a park, in a movie house, in a zoo, or just eating a cone of ice cream. It would demand much of our creativity as parents, but it sure will have an impact on the lives of our kids– something they would always want to look back when they’re older, something they could be thankful for, and a tradition they would also have when they’d have their own families!

Do you have a regular family time? What do you usually do? :)