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Sweet Satufday: New deed

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Who would not want to do good deeds?  In my heart I have so many things in mind for this year.  If I have to start this year right, I want to spend more time with my Bible reading and prayer.  I have bought a new journal for my Bible insights but I just get tempted to facebook or blog so much that at the end of the day, I find myself spending more time on these things rather than investing more time on prayer and reading the Word.

I need to be more disciplined with my time management.  I am even thinking of taking a break on facebook.  It does not have to be long… My family and church supporters communicate with us through fb so it’s quite hard to really have an “fb” fast.  I would probably just set a timer and time myself so I don’t spend so much time on it.

Hubby and I want to pray together more.  This is another year of our faith journey.  We need God’s grace and strength more than ever before!




Sweet Saturday: Goals and Plans for 2012

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Hubby and I are excited about this year.  First off, we need to move to a cheaper and smaller house for practicality.  Although we really enjoyed our stay in this house (we have a little garden with a quiet neighborhood, and is just a 5-minute walk to the nearest department store), it is way too expensive for us.


We have seen the Lord’s provision for us, but it is also best that we use wisdom in budgeting our money this year.  Instead of paying an extra 100 USD for the house rental, we could use it for Ria’s music classes and invest in harnessing our children’s skills by enrolling them in music or art classes.  On top of that, we still have payables that we need to settle.


Despite this challenge, we are so looking forward to what God will do in and through us this year.  For now hubby and I are on “Daniel” fast, eating only fruits and vegetables and are spending more time in prayer and meditating on His Word.  We really need His clear direction for us.

We are excited about how our volunteer teaching in two schools here in Thailand is coming along.  We are also desiring to have contacts at universities and start volunteer teaching there.   We believe God for more open doors!