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Ukay Queen

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I loved going to thrift stores for “pre-owned” or “pre-loved” items.  I was really pressured about what to wear for a wedding that Ria will be playing violin at. Of course a proud mommy like me has to look good, too! Ha ha!

Anyways, I came across this ukay (Filipino term for pre-loved items), dug through my ukay shoes, bought a little accessory… matched it with my old pair of earrings… and voila! I was set.

My 6.50 USD/ 200 THB-worth getup

Dress- 3.50 USD

Shoes- 1.50 USD

Necklace-  1 USD

Earrings- .50 USD

Ops! sorry my dress is quite crumpled… been sitting in the taxi for almost an hour! ;)

What do you think?

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